Ferran Adelantado i Freixer

Associate Professor at UOC

Adjunct Associate Professor at UB

Researcher at Wireless Networks Research Lab (WiNe)

Research Project Involvement

Research Project

[RP-12] Looming Factory -Jan. 2020-Dec. 2022. Funded by RIS3CAT (FEDER) (001-P-001643)

[RP-11] Shaping 5G technologies and beyond to support the digitalization of the industry (SPOT) - Jan. 2019-Dec. 2021. Funded by Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and University (RTI2018-095438-A-I00)

[RP-10] Single Point of Attachment Communications Empowered by Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics Running on-top of Massively Distributed and Loosely-Coupled Heterogeneous Mobile Data Networks (SPOTLIGHT) - Jan. 2017-Dec. 2020. Funded by EU (MSCA-ITN-ETN-722788)

[RP-09] Symbiotic Convergence of M2M Wireless Communications and the 5G (SINERGIA) - Jan. 2016-Dec. 2019. Funded by Spanish Ministry of Economy (TEC2015-71303-R)

[RP-08] Uncoordinated network strategies for enhanced interference, mobility, radio resource, and energy saving management in LTE-Advanced networks (CROSSFIRE) - Sep. 2012-Aug. 2016. Funded by EU (PITN-GA-2012-317126)

[RP-07] Multidimensional system for information management in smart infrastructures (SOFIA) - May 2011-Apr. 2014. Funded by Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovations, MICINN (IPT-2011-1498-370000)

[RP-06] Distributed Algorithms and Software for the Design of Optimal Routes in Small and Medium Enterprises (AlgorithmsForRealRouting) - Jan. 2011-Dec. 2013. Funded by Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovations, MICINN (TRA2010-21644-C03-02)

[RP-05] Hybrid Algorithms for solving Realistic rOuting, Scheduling and Availability problems (HAROSA) - Jan. 2011-Dec. 2013. Funded by Internet Interdisciplinary Institute, IN3 (IN32009-AKC91)

[RP-04] End-to-end quality of service and spectral exibility in heterogeneous mobile networks (COSMOS) - Dec. 2004-Dec. 2007. Funded by Spanish Ministry of Education (TEC-2004-00518)

[RP-03] Evolutionary Strategies for Radio Resource Management in Cellular Heterogeneous Networks (EVEREST) - Jan. 2004-Dec. 2006. Funded by EU (IST-2002-00185)

[RP-02] Capacity and network management platform for increased utilization of wireless systems of next generation ++ (CAUTION++) - Nov. 2002-Apr. 2005. Funded by EU (IST-2001-38229)

[RP-01] UMTS system evaluation from GSM measurements - Jul. 2001-Mar. 2003. Funded by Telefonica Moviles

COST Action

[A-01] Techno-Economic Regulatory Framework for Radio Spectrum Access for Cognitive Radio/Software Defined Radio (IC0905 TERRA) - May 2010-May 2014. Funded by EU (IC-0905)